Reasonable Doubt – Final Fantasy XIV Guide

Kikipu at The Silver Bazaar at X16-Y29 in Western Thanalan needs help dealing with a few troublesome laborers. Around the town there are some workers who you

FINAL FANTASY XIV [0016] – [side quest] Reasonable Doubt [Lv6]

Affrontiamo la missione di livello 6 “Reasonable Doubt” del game Final Fantasy XIV su Play Station 4

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FFXIV: Western Thanalan Quest – Reasonable /Doubt

This video shows the Western Thanalan quest “Reasonable /Doubt” given by Kikipu at The Silver Bazaar.

FFXIV: Endwalker Thaumaturge/Black Mage 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

Patch 6.28: Potency Buffs. Enochain 21% now.
Patch 6.1: Lucid Dreaming now level 14.

New? Got too many skills? Made the mistake of using a level skip and have no idea what anything does? Just hate reading? Try this guide out!

This guide seeks to teach new Black Mages how to Black Mage properly, without getting too deep into optimization. I’ll be showing off and explaining some openers but not delving too much deeper beyond that and general skill usage. Endgame is a long way away and there’s lots to learn along the way. Start slow and work your way up one skill at a time! Then, graduate to more advanced guides.

General DPS guide:
Mage Role Actions Guide:
Guide to my HUD:
Dictionary of Terms (if you need):

Rotation images:


Video Outline: 0:00
Playstyle Summary: 2:02
L1. Blizzard: 3:13
L2. Fire: 3:38
L1. Aspect Mastery: 4:00
L4. Transpose: 6:27
L6. Thunder: 8:06
Role Actions: Addle and Sleep: 9:19
L12. Blizzard II: 9:38
L15. Scathe: 10:43
Role Action: Swiftcast: 12:04
L18. Fire II: 12:13
L20. Maim and Mend: 12:56
L20. Aspect Mastery II: 13:15
Role Action: Lucid Dreaming: 13:34
L26. Thunder II: 13:40
L28. Thundercloud: 14:26
L30. Manaward: 17:04
Job Requirements: 17:46
L30. Manafont: 18:02
L35. Aspect Mastery III: 18:38
L35. Fire III and Blizzard III: 20:07
L35. Opener/Rotation: 21:30
L40. Maim and Mend II: 26:15
L40. Freeze: 26:33
L42. Firestarter: 27:28
Role Action: Surecast: 29:00
L45. Thunder Mastery and Thunder III: 29:04
L50. Aetherial Manipulation: 29:36
L50. Flare: 30:51
L50. AoE Rotation: 31:45
L52. Ley Lines: 34:49
L54. Sharpcast: 36:02
L56. Enochian: 37:08
L58. Blizzard IV: 37:55
L58. Enhanced Freeze: 39:37
L58. AoE Rotation: 40:47
L60. Fire IV: 42:11
L60. Opener/Rotation: 43:21
L62. Between the Lines: 46:46
L64. Thunder Mastery II and Thunder IV: 47:37
L66. Triplecast: 48:02
L70. Enhanced Enochian: 49:17
L70. Foul: 50:11
L70. Opener: 51:32
L72. Despair: 55:19
L74. Enhanced Sharpcast: 56:22
L76. Umbral Soul: 57:23
L78. Enhanced Enochian II: 58:47
L80. Enhanced Polyglot and Enhanced Foul: 58:58
L80. Xenoglossy: 59:45
L80. Opener: 1:00:33
L82. Aspect Mastery IV, High Fire II, and High Blizzard II: 1:03:20
L84. Enhanced Manafont: 1:03:45
L86. Enhanced Enochian III: 1:04:01
L86. Amplifier: 1:04:08
L86. Enhanced Sharpcast II: 1:04:56
L90. Aspect Mastery V: 1:05:29
L90. Paradox: 1:06:17
L90. Opener: 1:07:08
L90. AoE Opener Suggestion: 1:09:56
Outro: 1:10:27

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The Stigma Dreamscape Dungeon Guide


A quick overview of the new Lv90 Dungeon – THE STIGMA DREAMSCAPE – guaranteed to get you through it!

Watch live on twitch:!

Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you!

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