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Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 41 ~ Getting Zapdos

Welcome to Part 40 of my Pokemon Blue Walkthrough. This walkthrough is for fun, be sure to subscribe!
In this video I’ll be going trough the power-plant and getting Zapdos

How Fast Can you Beat Pokemon Red/Blue with Just a Zapdos?

Moltres wasn’t great Articuno was excellent, but will Zapdos be strikingly good, or shockingly bad?


This week’s throwback Thursday takes us to Pokemon Red from 1996. We catch the 3 legendary birds. Thanks for watching!

00:00 Articuno
02:52 Zapdos
05:25 Moltres

Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow – Zapdos Location & Battle (HQ)

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List :

00:00 Zapdos Location
02:19 Zapdos Battle

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How to get Zapdos in Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow (HQ)
Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow – Zapdos Location and Battle (HQ)
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